How Ward Works

Ward combines state-of-the-art cryptography with carefully architected security features to provide a modern, fast, and simple security suite.

Ward Web Application Firewall

Our Firewall is smart and fast. Ward knows what threats to be aware of, based on which CMS or framework your website is running. Ward doesn't waste CPU cycles on detecting and blocking irrelevant attack vectors that will never succeed.

Ward Automatic Patch Management

Ward keeps your software up-to-date with the latest security patches. Ward routinely checks for new software updates, then uses modern cryptography to verify that each update is authentic. Even if criminals manage to hack your framework's update infrastructure, without access to our signing keys, their attempts to infect your website with malware will be rendered unsuccessful.

Updates are signed using an algorithm called Ed25519. All updates are checked into a Chronicle.

Ward Intrusion Detection System

Malware cannot hide from Ward. Ward will identify any unauthorized changes to your website's code, including code hidden in database tables that contain web page templates. We use a stronger cryptographic hash function (BLAKE2) than the rest of the industry (MD5).

Ward Realtime Hardening

Ward strengthens your website's core. Ward provides an additional layer of security by hardening your web applications against entire classes of software exploits.

Additionally, Ward customers will receive exclusive mitigations to any unpatched vulnerabilities discovered by Paragon Initiative Enterprises.

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